13 Colonies!

                                                              13 Colonies! 13 Years!

Children revisit the American Revolution through guided practice activities, reproducible worksheets, poems, songs, and an educational play packaged into this unique teacher resource book. This title integrates creative arts, innovative activities, and original music.

The content is selected to coordinate with National Standards for History, Standards for Grades K-4 and National Standards for United States History, Standards for Grades 5-12. While entertaining students and audiences, it develops varied educational concepts and expands critical thinking skills. Students may: Stage the musical for an audience; act it out in class; or read it silently. All lyrics can be used as songs or read as poetry. Everything is reproducible. Complete musical scores as well as the complete script of the play is included and ready for use in student productions. 

From the Freedom Trail in Boston to Independence Hall in Philadelphia to Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington--the nation's history is remembered, examined, and celebrated in this book. A wonderful selection for children and their parents--or school groups--traveling to historical, American Revolutionary sites.  

Sample activities, contents, and weekly planner below.

Published by Teacher Ideas Press,
an imprint of Libraries Unlimited

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  Selections from 13 Colonies! 13 Years!...

Table of Contents

Sample Weekly Planner with Standards Correlations

Sample Activity--Grand Convention (Plus One), Critical Thinking

Sample Page--Wisdom is Higher, Background on Phillis Wheatley

Sample Activity--A Tribute to Philis Wheatley, Letter Writing

Sample Music ... Coming soon.  Please contact us for samples.

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